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Department of Dental Sciences, Diagnostic Evaluation and Rehabilitation Services

The Department of Dental Sciences, Diagnostic Evaluation & Rehabilitation Services emphasizes a personalized, hands-on educational experience that offers students a comprehensive path to an undergraduate degree in health sciences. Health programs are ultimately designed to educate and prepare students to prevent, control and overcome some of life’s greatest challenges and circumstances. From fatal diseases and physical injuries to the treatment of cancer, this task has become increasingly complex over the last decade, placing even greater emphasis on the need for trained medical professionals. Our department offers degrees and certificates in a variety of comprehensive health disciplines that directly impact patient care, while using the latest equipment and technology to ensure students are ready to practice in their fields when they graduate.

Take a look at our programs. Contacts are provided on each page if more information is needed.

Academic Advising

Once you have attended an orientation, you can schedule your advising appointment here.

Prerequisite Information

Limited -Entry Programs

New students wishing to pursue a limited-entry program MUST attend, or have attended, a Health Programs Orientation PRIOR to scheduling an appointment with a Health Programs Advisor. Visit the Health Programs Orientation page (Step 7) for orientation options.