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Pre-Health Sciences Student

Interested in a Career in Health Sciences?

Health sciences careers cover a diverse range of professions, ranging from those directly involved with patients to those that support, manufacture, and produce medical and health-related products and innovations.

Jobs in the health sciences careers include physicians, nurses, surgeons, medical personnel, hospital administration, medical scientists, disease management professionals, and any number of related careers. In general, any job which has its focus on helping to cure or prevent disease and/or ailment falls into this category.

Follow the steps below to complete the admission process.

Each step lists the appropriate office to contact in case you need help. Please note that recent high school graduates must complete placement testing and orientation before registering for classes.

Apply to CSNApply to CSN

Step 1 - Explore Our Degrees and Certificates

Before moving forward, it helps to explore the Department of Health Science's Degree and Certificate choices and to know the difference between occupational degrees, transferable degrees, and certificates. It is also important to know the distinctions between the Associate of Science and the Associate of Applied Science.

Transferable Degrees 

An ASSOCIATE OF SCIENCE (AS) is designed for those students who will ultimately be transferring to a 4-year school to pursue a Bachelor of Science degree. Some examples are (but are not limited to): Engineering, Biology, Chemistry, etc.

Non-transferable Occupational Degrees

An ASSOCIATE OF APPLIED SCIENCE (AAS) is designed for those students who want to pursue training so they can quickly enter the workforce. Some examples are: Nursing, Professional Office Technology, Dental Hygiene, Aviation Management, Sonography, and many more!

Certificates Of Achievement (CA) are industry-driven credit programs (not college diplomas) designed to provide intensive training in specific occupational areas.

Step 2 - Apply for Admission

CSN is an open-access institution, and any adult can apply for admission and enroll in classes. Those applications who are specifically seeking a degree or certificate of achievement and are applying for federal financial aid must have a high school diploma, its equivalent, or be a qualified international student to be admitted to CSN.

  • If you have not applied for admissions nor have taken a credited class from CSN, you need to complete CSN’s Application for Admission.
  • Note: Once your admission application is confirmed, you will receive an email with your NSHE student ID number followed by a separate email with your password and login instructions for the MyCSN Student Account.

If you participated in CSN’s CTE College Credit, College Connections, JumpStart, or a Dual Enrollment program in high school, you need to verify your NSHE 10-digit student ID and update your personal information by contacting the Office of the Registrar.

Step 3 - MyCSN Student Account Access

Your MyCSN portal is your primary tool for registration and services

  1. Go to the MyCSN home page
  2. Enter your NSHE ID
  3. Enter your temporary password. After signing into MyCSN the first time, the system will require you to change the temporary password.
  4. Click Sign In

NOTE: When signing up for online classes, Canvas accounts are created. Through the Canvas Learning Management System students will interact with instructors and classmates and will have access to learning material. To validate the account, go to CSN Student Account Validation. Your Canvas User ID is your NSHE ID number, and the password is the same as the one used for your student email account.

We have designed a few tools we hope you will find helpful:

Step 4 - Financial Aid Resources

To apply for student aid at CSN you first have to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Please note the "Important Financial Aid Dates" located on the Financial Aid Office home page. All students are encouraged to apply for financial aid as early as possible. Processing can take several months.

All additional verification documents must be turned in to the Financial Aid Office immediately upon request as indicated in your Communication Center and To-Do-List, within your MyCSN Student Account.

As a reminder:

  • Review all Financial Aid Checklist items
  • All communication about financial aid will be sent to your MyCSN Communication Center.
  • If you are applying for scholarships, you must also go through the CSN Scholarship Application Portal.
  • For technical issues regarding your financial aid documents please contact EdPro at 702-651-4303.
Step 5 - Placement Tests

Follow the two steps below to help you place in the class level that is right for you:

  1. Prepare for your placements in person and online. To review for the math placement test, visit the Online Review for Math Placement. To review for the English placement test, visit the Online Review for English Placement and visit the CSN writing center. A review link for the reading placement can be found here.
  2. Take your placement tests. Placement testing is free of charge and no appointment is necessary. For more information visit the Testing Center webpage.

If you prefer to submit your SAT, ACT or advanced placement scores for evaluation, only official score sheets are accepted by the Testing Center. Scores can also be faxed to the Testing Center directly from your high school. CSN does not accept printouts from the ACT or SAT web site.

Step 6 - New Student Orientation

All new degree/certificate and transfer-seeking students must participate in a New Student Orientation.

You may participate in orientation in one of two ways:

In-Person: RSVP via the Student Orientation & Express Enrollment website.

Online Orientation: Access it 24/7 through your MyCSN Student Center.  Use your NSHE student ID number and password, then click on the Online Orientation link located at the bottom of the Student Center screen.

Step 7 - Health Programs Orientation (in addition to New Student Orientation)

All students pursuing a Limited Entry Program must complete a Health Programs Orientation (HPO). It is currently offered online only. The HPO takes approximately 45 minutes to complete and it can be taken at any time at your own pace.

Please click here to access the online orientation.

Note: Attending a Health Programs Orientation, meeting with a Health Programs Advisor, and attending the Limited Entry Workshop are NOT required for Open Entry Health Sciences Programs.

Step 8 - Health Programs Advising

Academic advising can make the difference between success and failure in college. Health Program Advisors are available to meet with you to begin your academic journey at CSN.

To get you started, a Health Program Advisor will:

  • Interpret your placement scores, CSN course history, and transfer credits so you know your sequence of required prerequisite and general education courses.
  • Discuss prerequisites.
  • Explain CSN health programs options as well as potential career or Associate of General Studies (AGS) degree completion.
  • Inform you of important CSN resources available to you.

Appointments are available on all 3 campuses and can be scheduled here: https://hpa.mywconline.com.

*Note: You must register with this system before making an appointment to see a Health Programs Advisor.

Next StepsNext Steps: Countdown to Day 1

Step 9 - Course Registration

Registering for Classes

You can search for classes by semester, course subject, and course number.

  1. Use the course information provided to you by your advisor/success coach.
  2. During your first semester, you must take your designated math and English courses.

Remember that CSN enforces the NSHE policy that requires completion of all remedial coursework prior to a student earning 30-credits. We have designed a MyCSN and Canvas Pocket Guide we hope you will find helpful as you register for courses.

Step 10 - Pay Tuition and Fees


  1. If you pay for all classes by the tuition payment due date and proceed to add another class after registration re-opens, you must pay new fees related to this additional class by midnight on the day of registration or risk being dropped from ALL classes, including courses that had been previously paid. A refund will be issued to the student in this instance.
  2. To protect your enrollment and hold your classes, you must set up a Payment Plan in your MyCSN portal.

Tuition Payment Options:

  • Pay online with a debit or credit card through MyCSN self-service.
  • Pay in-person at any Cashiers Office.
  • Pay by mail (early enough to arrive prior to the payment due date).
    • Make check payable to NSHE Board of Regents and mail to:

College of Southern Nevada
Attn: Cashier’s Office C1M
3200 East Cheyenne Ave.
North Las Vegas, NV 89030

For a detailed listing of all fees, go to the Tuition and Fees webpage. To estimate the cost of attendance, please use the Net Price Calculator.

Final StretchThe Final Stretch

Step 11 - Print Class Schedule

Don’t forget to save and print your class schedule within MyCSN. You will need it for the next step and on the first day of class!!

MyCSN logo

Step 12 - Obtain Student ID Card

A CSN Student ID Card provides identification, offers access to CSN facilities, and qualifies you for student discounts in the community. To obtain your ID, bring your current semester schedule (must be enrolled in classes), photo ID, and $2 paid receipt from any cashier’s office to any Student Life and Leadership Development Office.

Step 13 - Buy or Rent Course Textbooks

Textbooks are NOT OPTIONAL. They are necessary for you to do well in all college classes. Before the semester starts, you must buy or rent all textbooks required for your classes. Take your printed class schedule to a CSN Bookstore. The bookstore staff will tell you which books you need to purchase and which books may be available for rent. You can also order your books online at Follett Live.

Step 14 - Use Our Resources for Success

Please print this list of Resources for Student Success, keep it handy, and take advantage of the resources you need. Don’t hesitate to ask for help when you need it. We are here for you!