CTE College Credit at College of Southern Nevada

Frequently Asked Questions

What is CTE?

CTE stands for Career and Technical Education. CTE programs are generally a three-year sequence of high school elective classes that provide students with the academic and technical skills, knowledge and training necessary to succeed in 21st-century careers. CTE prepares students to be college and career ready.

What is the CTE College Credit Program?

The CTE College Credit Program awards free college classes for approved high school CTE programs. Eligible high school classes are a part of a CTE high school program which is generally three years of high school classes (Level 1-3).

Our goal is to increase academic opportunities for high school students to obtain college credits in strategic pathways that lead toward meaningful CSN degrees/certificates or transfer education.

Which CTE Programs qualify for college credit?

There are over 45 CTE programs offered in high schools throughout Nevada, which have been approved for college classes at CSN.

For a complete list of the CTE programs that qualify for free college classes from CTE College Credit at CSN, see the CTE College Credit Home Page.

To find out what CTE programs at your high school qualify for college classes from CTE College Credit at CSN see Eligible CTE Programs by High School.

What are the program eligibility requirements

High school students who receive the Nevada Department of Education Certificate of Skill Attainment qualify for free college classes.

To be eligible you must:

  1. Complete an approved CTE high school program sequence with a minimum of 3.0/B grade point average or higher;
  2. Pass the state End-of-Program Assessment*; and
  3. Pass the state Workplace Readiness Skills Assessment*.

*State assessments are not administered by CSN.

What is the cost to the student?

There is no cost to the student for the college classes earned through the program. High school students are taking high school elective classes within CTE programs which may be eligible for college classes. CTE College credit gives Nevada students a potential cost saving of approximately $500 per college class (class registration fees & books).

How and when to apply?

High school students can apply as early as their junior year if they are in the third level class (e.g. Culinary Arts III). Students do not need to wait for the assessment results to apply. All students have up to three (3) years from their high school graduation to apply.

For more information, please see the CTE College Credit application process.

When will the college credit be posted to a CSN transcript?

A student who has met the CTE College Credit eligibility requirements will have the corresponding CSN college class posted to their permanent CSN record, based on the date they applied. Students who apply by the spring deadline will have their college class posted by the end of August and students who apply by the fall deadline will have their college class posted by the end of December.

For exact application period dates and deadlines, please see the CTE College Credit Application page

Attending CSN after earning CTE College Credit

Students should meet with a college academic advisor to determine how best to apply the college classes to their educational goals. If the college class has not been posted to the student’s CSN records at the time of meeting with a college academic advisor, the student should notify them of the anticipated CSN college class(es). If the student plans to attend CSN and needs their college class confirmed in order to register for the subsequent college class, please contact the CTE College Credit Office.

How to Request CSN Transcripts

If a student plans to attend a college other than CSN, they will need to request official transcripts be sent to their college of choice. An official transcript request should only be submitted after the earned college class(es) is posted to a student’s CSN records.

To get more information about obtaining official transcripts please visit Transcript Information.

How will CTE College Credit benefit a student?

CTE College Credit is designed to give high school students a head start on their college pathway and save them money!

  • The college classes earned can be used towards completing program requirements within a CSN certificate, associate degree, or may be used as elective or transfer education.
  • The college classes earned are free.

How do I use the point award towards a limited entry program at CSN?

If a student meets the requirements to earn a point award toward one of CSN's limited entry programs, the point will be awarded upon applying to that program.

Student Resources

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Phone: 702.651.3521
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CTE College Credit is funded by the Carl D. Perkins,  Strengthening Career and Technical Education for the 21st Century (Perkins V) Act in cooperation with the College of Southern Nevada and the Nevada Department of Education.