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Faculty Infobook

The Faculty Infobook is where academic faculty can find the resources, links, and information you need for your work at CSN. It includes ways to get involved in shared governance and in the CSN community; policies and technological resources; and useful information about CSN and NSHE. If you would like to recommend that content be added, removed, or revised, please contact csn.nfa@csn.edu.

Useful Resources
These following include childcare, tuition assistance, discounts, arts, athletics, safety, and other campus resources.

Childcare & Early Childhood Education Lab Program

UNLV/CSUN Preschool

Nevada State Early Childhood Education Center (ECEC)

Grant-in-Aid- Financial assistance for faculty & families to attend NSHE institutions

Employee Perks & Discounts

CSN Libraries

Recreation - Info on the NLV Campus Recreation Facility

Art Galleries

Performance Art Center


Russell’s Restaurant

Student Unions

Campus Safety

CSN Athletics

CSN Athletics Calendar

About Las Vegas

Technology Support

GoCSN – Single sign-on portal for accessing software and technology resources



OTS - Office of Technology Services: Information on topics including password reset, computer labs, and wireless access

OTS Help Desk

iService Desk – Facilities requests

Web Request Form – Request updates or changes regarding the CSN website

Gettech – Free and discounted software

Employee Information
Below are the policies, procedures, bylaws, and institutional resources that can help you navigate CSN and NSHE.

NFA Contract – 2022-2025 full-time academic faculty collective bargaining agreement (CBA). It is useful to familiarize yourself with the entire contract. Below is a list of key Articles that impact large numbers of faculty. When there is a contradiction between the CBA and a policy (CSN or NSHE), the CBA takes precedence.

Article 4 – Academic Freedom: Details your protections

Article 6 – Faculty Contracts and Engagement: Includes required events

Article 7 – Salary and Economic Proposals

Article 8 – Summer Teaching: Includes compensation changes and per student (pro-rata) pay rates

Article 9 – Hiring: Procedures for hiring academic faculty

Article 10 – Relocation Expenses: Eligibility and procedure for being reimbursed for moving costs

Article 12 - Academic Leadership Roles

Article 13 – Reassigned Time: Procedure for receiving release time for work outside of core job duties

Article 18 – Grievance: Procedures for filing grievances for CBA violations

Article 26 – Contact Hours: Lab and clinical pay

Policies & Procedures – Often the policy you are looking for is here. It is helpful to familiarize yourself with the policies listed on this page. Below are some of the key policies that impact large numbers of faculty.

Faculty Evaluation Policy

Tenure Policy

Workload Policy

Academic Faculty Travel Policy

NSHE Handbook, Procedures and Guidelines Manual, and Policies – All NSHE policies, including the Handbook (also known as NSHE Code) are accessible here. Individual sections relevant to many faculty are linked below.

NSHE Procedures and Guidelines Manual Ch. 3: Salary Schedules (9/22 revision)

NSHE Code Title 2, Ch. 6: Rules and Disciplinary Procedures for Faculty (9/22 revision)

CSN Bylaws – Section 6 explains the procedure for non-CBA related grievances.

Institutional Equity & Title IX – The Office of Institutional Equity and CSN’s Title IX compliance information are linked to this page.

EEO/AA Institution Non-Discrimination Statement – See also Article 2 – Non-Discrimination of the CBA

CSN Human Resources – Includes information on retirement, benefits, and policies

Disability Resource Center

ADA Policy

Instructional Policies and Resources
These are some of the key policies related to instruction and student conduct.

Academic Integrity Policy

Student Grade Appeal Policy

eLearning Policy

Syllabus Policy

Textbook Policy

Disruptive and Abusive Students Policy

NSHE Code Title 2, Ch. 10: Rules of Conduct and Procedures for Students of The Nevada System of Higher Education (9/22 revision) – CSN uses the NSHE-wide student code of conduct as its policy. CSN Student Conduct Procedure explains how this works.

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