This page provide links to consumer information about CSN in accordance with the Federal Student Aid, Quality Assurance Program. It is a central location for accessing disclosure requirements that a school must provide to students, the Department and others. Please visit Federal Student Aid/Consumer Information for more details.

Financial Assistance Information

Academic Scholarships

Award Notification

College Work Study

CSN Financial Aid

CSN Scholarships

Education Assistance: Classified Grant-in-Aid


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Millennium Scholarship

Satisfactory Progress


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Institutional Information

Admission Application

Admissions Office

All CSN Forms

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Campus Locations

CAMPUS Magazine

CAMPUS Magazine en Español

Campus Maps

Cashier's Office

Catalog / Schedule / Calendar


Computer Lab Hours

Copyright Information

Cost of Attendance

Counseling Department

Course Syllabus Search

CSN Foundation

CSN Organization

CSN Residency Information

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Diversity & Cultural Affairs

Faculty & Staff Directory

Finance Division

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General Counsel

Graduation Information

Honors Program

Human Resources

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Library Services

Net Price Calculator

Office of eLearning (Online Campus)

Office of Technology Services

Online Registration

Policies & Procedures

Professional Excellence & International Development / CAPE

Public & College Relations

Registration Information 

Resource Development

S.O.S Orientation Program

Schools, Departments & Programs

Strategic Initiatives & Administrative Services

Student Affairs

Student Services

Testing Center

The CSN View Book

Transcript Information

Transfer Center

Transfer to CSN

Tuition and Fees

Vaccination Policy

Veterans Affairs

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Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention Information

CSN Drugs and Alcohol Free School Annual Notice

Drug Screen Requirements

Employee Assistance Program

Health & Safety

Policy Statements

State of Nevada Drug and Alcohol Program

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Consumer Information for Student Athletes

CSN Campus Recreation

CSN Coyotes

Sports Internships

CSN Baseball

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Student Right-to-Know Act

CSN Non-Discrimination Policy

Legal Information

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Clergy/Campus Security Act

CSN Police Department

CSN's Emergency Notification System

Emergency Management & Preparedness

Active Shooter Community Response Plan

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FERPA - Safeguarding Customer Information

Academic Coaching Services For Parents

Advising Chat Room

CSN Privacy Statement

Data Request Form

Privacy Act (FERPA)

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Fire Safety Reports and Student Housing

Bomb Threats

Building Evacuations/Assembly Locations – General

Fire Emergencies

Fire Safety

Potential Specialized Programmatic Accreditation

Workplace & Personal Safety

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Accreditation & Assessment

Accreditation Information

Specialized Programmatic Accreditations

Division of Public and College Relations

Strategic Initiatives & Administrative Services

Voter Registration

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Loan Disclosures

Federal Direct Loan Information

Federal Pell Grant Program

Federal Perkins Loan

Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

Federal Versus Private Loans

Loan Counseling

Loan Interest Rates and Fees

Master Promissory Note

National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS)

PLUS Loans

Subsidized and Unsubsidized Loans

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Gainful Employment Disclosures

Gainful Employment Information

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